Monday, 26 January 2015

Theatrical performances are just majestic..

We took our daughter to London for her birthday and went to see the stage show of The Lion King. After enjoying the experience I came to realise just why theatre is worth the extra when compared to seeing a movie....

Theatrical performances are just majestic..

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Average Man...has cooked...

With the blog passing 4,000 views this month, the timing couldn't be better to announce a new, regular feature. Starting in February, I shall be launching "The Average Man...has cooked..." It will be simple recipes (roasts and easy meals) that anyone who can read, can cook; whether they be an average man, woman or whoever!

It's not hard and I find can be very satisfying to prepare and cook something for family, friends or just yourself.

I understand that some people don't enjoy cooking, or don't want to, but to say you cant is surely questionable. I don't have any qualifications in culinary disciplines but as I said "If you can read, you can cook."

As with any recipes, I will list the ingredients and method used, and importantly when each part of the meal needs to be prepared and cooked. I have found that with a little planning the meal all comes together nicely; a piece of paper, a pen or pencil and a clock are all you need.

All meals will be ones that I've made myself; some from books (to which full accreditation will be given where necessary) and others that I've picked up and tweaked myself.

Some recipes won't use home-made sauces et.c, will be very basic and just use pre-made jars perhaps. You may find that similar recipes can be found on these jars, but with them being here on the blog you could perhaps look beforehand to see what you fancy making.

I just think it's a lot easier than some people think and I'd like to try and show that.

I hope you'll take a look and enjoy what you read...and perhaps cook!?

So keep your eye on the blog during February and get ready to pre-heat the oven...

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Monday, 19 January 2015

People are part of the A & E problem...

Blah, blah, blah! Not enough is being spent on the NHS, look at the state of A & E departments! Are all of the problems due to funding and over-worked staff? I believe that the cheapest and easiest place to start is with certain sections of the public. Simple education would help no end....

People are part of the A & E problem...

Three cheers for social media!

According to many, social media, smartphones and advancing technologies are splitting friends and families apart. I believe they actually have the opposite effect, if used properly....

Three cheers for social media!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Why wait for the New Year?

Happy New Year to one and all!

Have you all sorted your New Years resolutions? Are they all in full swing?

Why do we wait until New Year to begin them? If you're going to change something for the better, do it straightaway......

Why wait for the New Year?

Sunday, 28 December 2014

A perfectly planned execution

Merry Christmas folks!

Military style planning. A meticulously timed programme of events. A major public event? No, just me cooking for 13 on Christmas Day! Did it go according to plan? You bet it did! Read on....

A perfectly planned execution

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Back off, dangerous drivers!

Here's the link to my column in the Northants Telegraph that was published on 18/12/14. It's about idiots who drive too close to the car in front and equally inconsiderate drivers who don't seem to be able to park a vehicle in the proper way in car parks.

Agree? Disagree? - As always, feel free to post a comment here or on the article on the Northants Telegraph website.....